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Карпаты 2003
Карпаты 2003
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First-class people to do things first class
archlord money,
First-class people do not have time to waste, archlord money as mortal as his life should not be long to complete a number of first-class thing. He can not live a mortal life, not many things in life for Everyman's reaction, he must give up or reduce the mortal happiness, hiking, entertainment, love and hatred, disputes, reply and clarification. He must be held back by not trivial bound, he quickly identify what is the capacity of unrelated issues, and then immediately cut it. If a person is too hard trying to do all things, he will not do the most important thing.
Bennis said: "Perhaps the pure management of people can get it right, but the true leaders of the attention is to do the right thing." Modern man is beginning a major problem too casual, focusing on dispersion forces. Not distinguish priorities, not good at distinguishing size. If the ability of strong chance, even if the wrong things can be done well, a situation in which too much can be reversed, but will unnecessarily spend a lot of time and feelings.
"The most intelligent people are those who remain indifferent to trivial things. But they are the more important issues but always can not remain indifferent. Those who are too focused on little things often become incapable of the event." Grasp the big, small self will take care of themselves. Most people have ignored the first-class "small" (figure, right and wrong) the ability to forward you Ben, you can not on the roadside of the ants, frogs too concerned about the water's edge - of course there is not enough highway snakes. "If the first all obstacles removed the only action, it would do nothing."
Many people busy all day dealing with trivial matters, always complaining could not make time to do serious things. In fact, their subconscious trying to avoid doing serious things. Because imagination is needed to do great things, determine the strength, courage and confidence.
And low-hand contest the more the more foul their own
wedding dresses,
Once, wedding dresses a weasel challenge to the lions, to face off with it. Lions decisively rejected. "How to" weasel said, "Are you afraid?"
"Very afraid," Lion said, "If the promise you, you can get the winning contest with the lion; and I, after all animals would laugh at me and weasel actually fighting."
"Rat race of the trouble is, even if won, you are still a rat." For low-level contacts between the contest, great is dismissive. Especially in the struggle. If you are not the same with a heavyweight fighting over who would waste a lot of their resources, reduce people's expectations of you, and accidentally raised the level of each other.
Similarly, a trivia-loving people the greater the love of the event will be smaller, rather than what not to do less, the less the real problems encountered by people more concerned with trivia, this is like chess , and as their own people will be very easy to play chess, you win easily, but not always long chess, and more under this chess, chess will continue to deteriorate, so few good players would rather play chess, but also try not to, and not as good as his throne. William James said: "The art is clearly wise to know what to overlook the art." Do not disturb too many people and things are not important, because "the secret of success is to be seized."
Lazy to promote the history
maple story mesos,
Successful people and those with leadership qualities who are often inclined to do what you like and think are important things, maple story mesos while other things, can not do not do, can delay the delay, it is not do not, then, will have to think most simple approach. In fact, many human inventions are derived from such a lazy idea. So it was joke, is to promote the historical development of lazy, lazy is more suitable to lead. Because the essence of leadership is doing the right thing, rather than doing things right. People who do not work too hard time to make big money. Many people have complained: "I work too hard, just do not have time to read and think." This phrase means to meet subsistence needs have been accounted for everything, so you do not have time to consider future opportunities. Lazy people are often more suitable than the diligent leadership, because he has time to think, time to take a tonic to build up one's health. Countries in the ant, ant king is often the most lazy.
Riding bicycles to go far. If you are too busy working and do not have time to think about what you do, you can not take full advantage of your achievements. Reduce the workload, you only have the time to study a broad rather than narrow. If you are too focused on their own small area, they will not know that other areas may be something you currently engaged in the great impact of information and ideas. Unless there is broad range of time, learn from others doing, or rare new invention, innovation can not happen. Innovation almost always only known of two or more concepts together in novel ways. Information thin, people thought the simple, difficult to be creative and leading-type figure.
Sometimes reduce the workload is not voluntary, but the environment can provide opportunities for limited ʹȻ. As the young Churchill's situation in India: Churchill stationed in India took advantage of the free time then to re-read in college overlooked books. The experience benefited him for life.
Focus on power is a resource
flyff penya,
Wen Jui said: flyff penya "The real master would fine, gas, God focused on a strike." In life, it is a wise focus. For a period of time, a person's resources and energy are limited, you can also do a few pieces of equal importance, they are very difficult to do. The trivia will also occupy your space, you will spend. Openness and information world sharp increase in the collective choice and individual development opportunities, but also brought a lot of spirit, listless, and tired. Chosen as a river, it becomes wider, more people have drowned in it. People need more and more strong swimming skills, they need to travel in the right direction, because you can not go on such tours.
Not worth doing, it seems that we will let you complete certain things. You consume a lot of time and energy, are possible only a trace of self-comfort and illusory satisfaction. When wake up, you will find one of the do not do, and their already tired. Not worth doing, will give their lives. "A regular activity will gradually evolve into a simple necessity." Over time, people will say: "We should not let it disappear, we have done so a long time." It's like some people obviously do not like your lover, but still be together, because together a long time, habit people do not want to do other options. But in the end, a person should do for themselves do not deserve to pay the price, the greater this matter, the greater the price.
Quit better than knowing the difficulties ahead
last chaos gold,
Quit sometimes more important than knowing the difficulties ahead, last chaos gold but full of clever.
"If she did not succeed, try again, still successful on the abandoned; foolish to insist on no benefit." Screen at the right time to retire, is the climax of all the outstanding performances, as Yeltsin's December 31, 1999. Similarly, all without a few books worth reading. You spent the money to buy a book or magazine, does not mean you have to read it so as not to waste money, your time can not be recycled resources, the money you spend is not. Some people said: "You have to do is in one minute that a 50,000 word book does not meet your expectations, then decide not to read." Speed-reading ability is not only reflected in the study, the more reflected in interpersonal communication.
The end of one thing or a feeling, sometimes more difficult than the beginning. I can understand, and soon fell in love reluctantly. But I do not understand is: Why out that was wrong, not to change? Zhicuojiugai, a person has the power and determination of the sign, it is a man with promise and achievement of the fundamental. In fact, life is very simple: things lost, look for it, can not find it, forget, to get to the next. Fall, get up, dust ourselves off, to hurry. Can not be concluded as soon as possible, we can not start as soon as possible; can not end well, you can not start well. "I would not care the spirit of emotion." Happiness is a greater loss bigger mistake than the mistake. Heart still dream on, you can start all over again, start all over again is a heroic life.
The right time and right place
Designer Glasses,
Watch the football match, Designer Glasses we will find the best striker is the most adept at capturing fighters who, they always appear at the right time in the right locations. Good striker who will post moves. In fact, all the "top guns" and successful people are very good at grasping the opportunity to choose the environment. Someone once summed up a "law of January 23", that love should not exceed one year, no more than two years to learn English in a workplace should not exceed three years. This seems to be saying joke, but it can give some insights. People only in the constant change in order to exploit its potential to enhance the self, the more long-stalled mental tendencies often make people numb, mind tends to become older, resulting in Siwei stereotypes and over-specialization, while over in an environment Ju Liu also because of resentment over the long negative self-development. So we often see that constant flow of cadres who are promoted the fastest and often those north-south trade fortunes, those "encircling the cities" who often made celebrities transformed. No reason to ignore any one of such a fact: This is the emphasis on speed and efficiency of the highly mobile era, all things have to be developed in the flow beyond the self. For a people who want to succeed, and sometimes have to leave familiar surroundings, leave the familiar territory, to further, more conducive to their development to open up the place, go ahead. Notice that a sedentary person, it is impossible at the right time in the right place.
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